Adeetee Celebrations!

A Dedicated Page for Twinkle

Celebrating her transition to a new job.

You spent 2.4 years at Amazon where your collegues absolutely loved you (and why wouldn’t they?). Although Amazon is big and huge, you still managed to create an impression both professionally and in their hearts. The heart picture above is a real picture. It just shows that when you be you, you will make a space in people’s heart.

The Amazon smile represents a happy transition to Uniphore. Uniphore (uni: consisting of, relating to, or having only one, universal; and phore: meaning “bearer of”) The origin of the name Uniphore is rooted in the fact that speech and the human voice sets us apart from other species. It’s the universal method of communication between us. Hence the picture of human speech.

Here is an attempt from me to make a card for you

With your picture :p